Staging Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

At Yin-Lynn Low Real Estate, we aim to sell your home for top dollar quickly. In today’s Toronto real estate market, it takes a skilled team to achieve the best outcome, but we’re ready for the job. Follow these tips to stage your home in today’s market.

Schedule a professional, deep clean

In a competitive market, ensure your home makes a positive impression. A deep clean of carpets, walls, moulding, windows, and other areas allows your property’s true value to shine. It also allows buyers to see your home as an easy, move-in-ready property.

Declutter as much as possible

Reduce any of the clutter in your home down to the bare bones, especially removing any personal items like family pictures. The goal is to allow a home buyer to see themselves in your home rather than thinking of it as your property.

Add mirrors and open the drapes

Natural light is a fantastic selling point, and mirrors reflect that light throughout the space. That helps each room to look bigger and brighter. 

Crush curb appeal

It’s the first and main selling point. For the spring, it’s critical to get outside to clean up the flowerbeds and trim back the shrubs. That lets your home’s structural beauty stand out, too.

If you need recommendations, give our real estate team a call. Let us offer truthful insight into what you can do to boost the value of your home without actually spending a lot of money to do it.


The Interior Design Trends People Love for 2024

The interior design trends for 2024 are making homes beautiful and more comfortable, incorporating new and fun ways for people to allow their personalities to come through. Undoubtedly, any of these tips can help refresh your home and give it something more special if you plan to list it for sale on the market.

Check out what’s in for 2024 in interior design trends and what you can expect to see in the homes for sale in our area.

Curvy, Comfortable Furniture

One of the most unique elements of interior design is the lines present, and for 2024, we’re focused on curves. From rounded edges on the backs of the sofas to curved entryways and doorways leading into homes, people are after more of a rounded shape this year than in the past. It’s still very modern, but it’s also functional and comfortable as well.

More Complex Color Schemes

Another fantastic element of today’s interior design trends is using more complex colors. That is, we are focused on the maximalism here. Choosing colors that blend well together but are uniquely their own — think red and blue on the same scheme, for example — helps make an impression. You will find bright, rainbow-like colors in every room of the home. That does away with more muted tones that have been a big part of interior design in the last few years.

The Wood Is Getting Darker

Another important design trend is an update to wood. Natural wood features remain an excellent investment for today’s homeowners, but the color has gotten more dominating and dark. Expect a warmer shade in wood stains throughout homes, from walls to flooring. Those blonde woods are on their way out to make room for more dominating, darker floors that allow that pop of color to stand out even more.

Whimsical Bedrooms for Kids

Let’s put the play and imagination back into kid’s bedrooms with the more whimsical and upbeat spaces present. Look for unique experiences, like bright colors on the walls and perhaps even more texture (on carpets and even wallpaper). You may also find better lighting, more geometric beds and furniture, and fun patterns. It’s all about positive energy and vibes in these spaces.

More Personalized Spaces Are a Must

While many of today’s homes are seeing updates focused on colors and refinements, one thing that is growing in popularity heavily is personalization. Being you and incorporating your thoughts, artistic charm, and ideas into your interior design is very much a desirable move. We are seeing a lot of trends that focus on creating spaces that are truly one of a kind.

That could mean including more vintage items. It may mean adding metals or hard elements to the space for an edge. You may even see spaces with canvas and bolder artwork on the walls. Gone are the white walls and the formal settings. It’s about personality around every corner today.

Organized, Sleek, Clean Kitchens

As one of the most common areas of the home to see an update, the kitchen is going with a more sleek, modern feel this year. Organization is top-of-mind for today’s home buyers and owners, whether that’s due to more cabinetry or super organized pantries. At the same time, you’ll also find a heavier influence of personalized spaces with color and art additions that really hold true to the custom look people are after.

Improved Lighting to Make a Bold Statement

Expect to see more lighting options in rooms, including table lamps, perhaps several layers of lighting fixtures, and wall lights. The key is to add accent lighting to help various areas of any room to function as their own spaces. Lighting is a fun element because it adds to the personality and customization people are after.

Ready to Explore What the Real Estate Market Has to Offer?

If you’re ready to explore the local real estate market and find out what interior design trends these homes offer today, book a tour with our team. At Yin-Lynn Low Real Estate, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional options in home design and real estate purchases.


The Most Important Real Estate Design Trends to Watch for 2024

If you are thinking about updating your home or making a few tweaks to your color scheme, you may want to consider the latest real estate design trends. While trends come and go, some impactful updates are present in today’s market that influence home buyer decisions and drive up the value of some homes in the region. For 2024, you'll want to keep these real estate design trends in mind.

The Kitchen Is at the Heart of the Home

Renovations and updates are heavily focused on the kitchen this year. That means updates that focus on sustainability and safety for the most part. Features like walk-in pantries, more organized storage areas, and bigger windows that let more light in are all common trends. The kitchen is a great place to mix mediums, too, from stainless steel that’s timelines to wood with special finishes. There are some impressive ways to create a custom look here.

More Native Landscaping

Another design trend is happening outdoors with the inclusion of more natural landscaping. Less formal and less planned, these outdoor spaces are designed to make homes green and conservation-focused. Some properties are pushing for landscapes that are mostly natural in their design, with preserved wooded areas or even the addition of a working farm.

Exterior Neutral Colors

When it comes to color, always choose a color that you love and that fits your goals. One of the design trends today is to utilize more neutral colors, but there’s a bit of a difference here. For example, many of these neutrals are deeper blues or charcoal gray colors rather than natural whites and beiges. They are just more natural in their color profile than others.

Moving Towards Luxury

Today’s real estate market has a place for luxury home buyers. Luxury building spaces include more of the amenities people want and use. An open floor plan, more wood detailing throughout the space, and exceptional kitchens are some of the most important features in higher-end homes.

Sustainability in Every Way Is Essential

Whether updating the home’s heating and cooling system, choosing landscaping, or making a major move to solar energy systems, there is a strong focus on sustainability in real estate design trends today. In new construction, this includes modifying the building layout and using more refined, higher-end systems that are far more efficient than older systems. This includes Zero Energy Ready Homes, a new standard for reducing environmental impact.

The goal for these updates is twofold: Reduce construction waste that clogs landfills and improve energy efficiency in homes, driving down the carbon footprint of any property. You will notice this in every component of home design, from tighter home envelopes to improved windows and better use of smart technology.

The Types of Homes People Are After

When we consider real estate design and trends, it’s important to note what people buy or build. Single-family homes are still the most sought-after properties, followed by townhomes. Consumers expect to have outdoor spaces in their homes, and that includes having the flexibility to step outside onto a veteran or enjoy shared amenities within the community.

Apartment living is still in demand, but apartment sizes are increasing. Consumers who spend more time at home than ever are interested in larger spaces with bigger kitchens and more specific areas for hobbies. Even renters, who remain a large part of the real estate market in many areas, are interested in larger spaces for their investment.

Aging population updates and design features are also important to today’s real estate trends. In particular, more seniors want to stay at home instead of moving into community programs. That has led to the need to create more attractive spaces for an aging population. That could include beautiful interior updates in senior complexes or more activities within a senior community to keep people active.

Exploring the World and Options Around You Is Easy to Do

Our team at Yin-Lynn Low Real Estate wants to help you find the perfect home for the lifestyle you hope to live. Don’t wait to contact us to schedule a showing of the latest properties today!