Kathleen De Ala

Administrative Executive

Dedicated to Excellence

Immersed in the dynamic realm of Toronto real estate, Kathleen De Ala radiates a genuine passion for the industry, significantly elevating the success of the Yin-Lynn Realtor Group. With meticulous attention to detail, Kathleen manages a diverse range of responsibilities, including processing deals, contributing to marketing plans and execution, and diligently following up on next steps to ensure seamless deal closures. Her multifaceted contributions play a pivotal role in maintaining the team’s efficient day-to-day operations. Backed by her completed real estate education and extensive industry experience, Kathleen is unquestionably equipped to successfully assist our clients.

Passions Both Near and Far

Beyond her dedication to real estate, Kathleen leads a vibrant life filled with diverse interests. An avid traveler, she holds a particular affinity for destinations boasting warm climates, seeking both adventure and cultural enrichment. Staying active is integral to her lifestyle, embracing various activities that contribute to her physical and mental well-being. Fluent in English and proficient in Tagalog, she navigates seamlessly between these languages, fostering connections with a broad spectrum of individuals and enhancing her cultural versatility. 



2021 & 2023