RE/MAX Hallmark: 2023 in Review​

RE/MAX Hallmark finished the year on a high as the top selling and listing real estate brokerage in multiple Ontario cities, including right here in Toronto. In total, its agents listed and sold thousands of units across the city in 2023, beating out other long-standing companies in many markets. Learn more about RE/MAX Hallmark's record-breaking year below and the benefits of working with a realtor who is part of this brand. 

Top Selling and Listing Agency

RE/MAX Hallmark listed or sold more properties in several major Ontario markets last year than any other real estate companies. Here are some of the brokerage's achievements: 


In 2023, RE/MAX Hallmark listed 4,634 units in the Toronto MLS area—and sold 3,276 of them. It was also the No.1 seller of properties valued at $600,000 or more and $1 million or more in the City of Toronto. 

In the central and east districts of the city, RE/MAX Hallmark listed 1,157 properties—more than any other company in these areas—and sold 828 units. It was a similar story in Toronto's E01 area, where RE/MAX Hallmark listed more units than the next five companies combined. In the E02 area, the company sold more properties than the next three companies combined. 

In addition, RE/MAX Hallmark listed or sold thousands of units in other key areas of the city, including E03, E04, and E06.


Over in Canada's capital, RE/MAX Hallmark was the top listing and selling real estate brokerage in multiple neighborhoods. For example, it listed and sold more units than competitors in Orleans, Gloucester, District 11, District 20, and District 21. 

Looking at the City of Ottawa as a whole, RE/MAX Hallmark came out on top for listing and selling, beating rivals such as Royal LePage and eXp Realty. 

Durham Region 

RE/MAX also experienced enormous success in Durham and its surrounding areas. It was the No.1 listing brokerage in the entire region and sold the second-highest number of properties. It was also the top seller in Durham neighborhoods such as Pickering, Oshawa, and Clarington (under the wider RE/MAX brand). 

York Region

Unsurprisingly, RE/MAX also listed and sold more properties in the York region than any other brand, including Homelife and Century 21. The brokerage listed 3,056 units and sold 2,466 units. This success was evident across many areas in the York region, including Markham, Whitchurch-Stouffville, and Vaughan. 

Selling Real Estate in Ontario 

Overall, RE/MAX Hallmark completed more than 20,700 transactions in Ontario throughout 2023. That's over 56 transactions every day or around 2.3 transactions an hour. 

None of this would be possible without the brokerage's hardworking agents, who outperformed the industry by a ratio of 3 to 1. These talented experts know Ontario real estate like the back of their hands, providing support and guidance to buyers, sellers, and investors across the state. 

RE/MAX Hallmark has been one of Ontario's leading real estate brokerages for more than 40 years and attracts the industry's leading realtors and real estate agents. It also supports local causes such as Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 

The company says:

"The RE/MAX Hallmark brand is pervasive, reminding buyers and sellers that we stand for being different. What we achieve speaks loud about what we do best. It all empowers us to be thought of and chosen more often. So we can get more done. A lot more"

Why Work With a RE/MAX Hallmark Agent?

There are hundreds of realtors and real estate agents in Toronto, so what makes RE/MAX Hallmark agents special? These professionals have exceptional local expertise, helping you find the right property in your dream neighborhood. Every year, RE/MAX Hallmark agents help hundreds of thousands of people buy or sell a home. 

A RE/MAX Hallmark agent also keeps your real estate transaction moving. That can reduce the time it takes to buy or sell a home, resulting in less stress. These experts are able to solve problems quickly, meaning you'll have a much better real estate experience. 

Finally, agents who are part of the RE/MAX Hallmark brand have deep knowledge of the real estate industry. Whether you're looking for a quick sale or trying to find the perfect property, these professionals can help. They can also connect you with the right legal professionals and even suggest the best financing products for your circumstances. 

RE/MAX Hallmark's Remarkable Year

2023 was another fantastic year for RE/MAX Hallmark and its incredible agents. The brokerage sold or listed more properties than other companies in several markets across Ontario, including Toronto. In total, it completed over 20,700 transactions in the state. Working with a RE/MAX Hallmark agent can improve your real estate experience and help you complete your transaction as quickly as possible. 

Yin-Lynn Low, an experienced realtor in Toronto, embodies the values and principles of the RE/MAX Hallmark brand. Her team can help you buy or sell your home in this city, no matter the economic climate. Get in touch now for a consultation.